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Order from the best restaurants, groceryshop,electronic stores around you and have them delivered to your doorsteps. Explore your neighborhood and enjoy the special deals and exclusive promos.


Choose how would like to make the payment. Pay online using your Credit/Debit card, pay on delivery if the store allows or pay at the store in person when you pickup.
Completely your Choice!

Fast Delivery

While placing your order, choose whether you would want to have the order delivered to the comforts of your home or pickup from the store in person while taking the stroll to the neighbourhood market.

Welcome to Tawseel Online

Shop Anything! Shop Anywhere!

TawseelOnline is a multi-lingual round-the-clock hyper-local platform for e-commerce and logistics, bringing its customers all they need, to their doorstep. The platform also aims to serve the local businesses by generating jobs and providing opportunities looking to sell their products and services online and reach out to a larger audience.

Using TawseelOnline, you can order products and local household services online from kerana, cake, flower, medicals, etc. from stores near & around you. Seller will either deliver to your home or you have the option of self-pickup from the stores in your neighborhood. The exciting bit is you will get great rewards and benefits using TawseelOnline app!

Sell with US

Get more Customers

Register your store with TawseelOnline and increase your customers by 200%. So become our partner and grow with us.
Start selling! TODAY!

Deliver with Us

Become our Delivery Partners

Are you a logistic provider? Do you have a car/motorvechile and plan to deliver?
Join our evergrowing team of delivery partners and recieve a continuous supply of orders to deliver.

Know More

e-commerce & Logistics

Interested to know more about how you can associate with TawseelOnline! Well, wait no more. Reach out to our team for a quick phone call or a personal visit and get all your queries answered.

Order Fulfillment

Manage your e-commerce delivery

Is delivery a bottleneck for your e-commerce platform? Think no more! Partner with us and we take care of all your delivery. Our adept delivery team will pick from your warehouses and deliver to your customers effectively and efficiently.

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Logistics Simplified

Business Continuity

To all the logistics providers out there... Are you not getting enough orders to deliver? Wait no more! Join with us and become our coveted logistics partner and we provide you enough orders to keep your engine running round the clock. Connect today!

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Pickup & Drop

Send/Receive Packages

Come to our Web and Mobile platform and deliver packages documents/electronics/furniture from point A to point B, conveniently. Place the order and leave the rest to our skilled team to take care of you. We take great care of you belpngings.

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Everything you want is here at your fingertips. Our range of products cover all of your needs. Trust Us! We provide you a single portal for all your requirements. Come to TawseelOnline and enjoy your shopping!

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